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Extract for the surname of


from the

General Register Office

for England & Wales

Births 1837 - 1992

Deaths 1837 - 1983




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The work of extracting all Births, Marriages and Deaths registered in England and Wales since civil registration began in 1837 was commenced in 1991 by the Revd. Roger Cornish who had founded the Society of Cornishes which is dedicated to the family research of all persons bearing the surname of Cornish. To begin with all entries had to be laboriously copied from film or fiche of what was then known as the St Catherineís House Index. This involved many journeys to Family History Centres. Latterly photocopies of the film/fiche became available and cost 25p per copy. On average a yearís extract cost around £4.50 for the copies alone. These costs were largely borne by the Society but many years worth were purchased by members and donated. Over the years Roger has received help extracting and computerising the extracts from several people. Those who have contributed considerable time, effort and/or expense include: Helen Cook, Naomi Cornish, Duncan Reid, Diana Rew, John Smith, Joyce Totterdell and there are others too.

With so many contributors and the transfer of records from different types of database there are a few inconsistencies that have crept into the entries but these are quite insignificant. More difficult to overcome has been the poor state of the original records. Some films, fiche, photocopies, even registers themselves are so difficult to decipher caused by poor typing, writing or simply through wear and tear. We cannot therefore guarantee that all names and references are correct. The extract is offered errors and omissions accepted! Corrections are welcomed.

The period covered is from 1837 to 1983 (inclusive) for Marriages and Deaths, and 1837 to 1992 for births. There are over 18,000 births, and over 12,000 marriages and 12,000 deaths. If anyone would offer to bring these extracts up to date we would be most grateful - but please contact Roger before starting!

We hope that this extract will help many people on their way who are researching the surname of Cornish and save them many hours and the cost of travelling.

The Society Of Cornishes

The Revd Roger E Cornish

April 2000




Notes on the use of the extracts
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An asterisk or question mark denotes uncertainty in reading the source record.

The Reference Column has been omitted from the data entered on the internet but the details may be purchased from the society. Please contact the Rev Roger E Cornish for costs and methods of payment. This is the information you will receive:

Each record has a three part reference number which should be used when ordering certificates from the General Register Office. All leading zeros on these numbers can be ignored.

The first part shows the quarter (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th ) in which the event was registered or latterly the month registered (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, or 12).

The second is the district reference. From 1837 to 1851 Roman numerals were used and have been converted to Arabic numerals. When ordering these should be converted back to Roman numerals!

The third number is the page or folio number.

Surname Column:

This includes not only CORNISH but also some of the double barrelled names such as Cornish-Brown. However we do not claim to have covered all hyphenated names which include Cornish and would appreciate hearing of any omissions.

Year Column:

This is the year the event was registered.


The motherís maiden name was usually included from 1912 onwards.

Marriages (Not yet available on the website):

The spouses surname was usually included from 1912 onwards.


The date of birth replaced the age of death from 1969 onwards.