by Duncan Reid.

Based on information gleaned from: "Notes to accompany a pedigree of the family of Cornyshe of Thurlestone, in the County of Devon"

by James T Houssemayne Du Boulay in 1903.

It is believed that the Cornish family established themselves at Thurlestone in Bigbury Bay, South Devon c.1500. The Cornishes of Thurlestone have a long, and rather complicated, history. As such it would be impractical to repeat many events surrounding and involving these families. Instead what I will try to do is to group them in their respective families. Here goes...


1. The Family of Robert Cornyshe

Robert Cornyshe lived in Thurlestone from c.1536, holding the freehold estate of Whitley (or Whitleigh), at the northeast end of the town. In the parish church at Thurlestone there is a deed dated 1536, making over a plot of land as a site for a church house. Robert is named as one of four Feoffees along with members of the Stephens, Rogers, and Birdwood families. He died in 1562 on the 30th of December, leaving one - possibly two - sons. He was the predecessor of all the Cornishes in Thurlestone, South Milton, also of the adjoining parishes, and of James Cornish of Teignmouth, in the 18th Century from whom the families of Cornish, Cornish-Bowden, Kestell-Cornish, and Warre-Cornish are descended.

William Cornish (d. 7 Feb. 1571) was son and heir to Robert. An entry appears to suggest another son, John, as living in 1591 but otherwise nothing is known about this particular son. There is also no evidence known to us at present that Thomas and Joan were William's children, and indeed whether they may have been John's. William helped settle another Deed, with his sons Robert, Thomas, and Andrew being nominated. In all William had (possibly) six children.

Here the Cornishes of this family split into the 'Whitley' and 'Thurlestone & Kerse' lines.

from Robert CORNISH Whitley in Thurlestone, Devon

Robert CORNISH Whitley in Thurlestone, Devon (c.1495-bur.30 Dec 1562)
├1.William CORNISH Whitley in Thurlestone, Devon (-bur.07 Feb 1571)
│ ├1.William CORNISH Whitley in Thurlestone, Devon (c.1536-1606)
│ │m.04 Jun 1606 Mabellina (Mablet) STEPHEN (-bur.14 Jan 1591)
│ │ ├1.Andrew CORNISH Whitley in Thurlestone, Devon (1560-c.1634 or 1637)
│ │ │m.Joan (-bur.01 Dec 1634)
│ │ ├2.Thomas CORNISH S. Milton & W. Alvington (1565-1611)
│ │ │m.Margarete (-bur.09 Jan 1616 in S. Milton)
│ │ ├3.John CORNISH (c.1566 alive in 1606)
│ │ ├4.Elizabeth CORNISH
│ │ └5.Margery CORNISH
│ ├2.Robert CORNISH Whitley, Devon (-bur.23 Dec 1581), 1st m.(1) 1561 Emily
│ │ ├1.William CORNISH (1562-bur.10 Apr 1591)
│ │ │m.1581 Eliza COOKE
│ │ └2.Robert CORNISH (1572-bur.08 Dec 1600)
│ │m.(2) 1580 Margaret COOKE
│ ├3.Thomas CORNISH Buckland in Thurlestone & Carse (Kerse) S. Milton (the
│ │elder)(c.1538-bur.13 Jan 1600)
│ │m.Margery (-bur.29 Jul 1595)
│ │ ├1.Robert CORNISH Kerse (-08 Aug 1631), 1st m.(1) 1582 Elinor LIGHT
│ │ │m.(2) Elizabeth
│ │ ├2.Emily CORNISH (1566)
│ │ │m.1591 Oliver WELSHE
│ │ ├3.Elizabeth CORNISH (c.1567-1567)
│ │ ├4.Phillipa CORNISH (c.1567-1569)
│ │ ├5. CORNISH-1257 (c.1570)
│ │ │m.Elias FARRE
│ │ ├6.John CORNISH (c.1570-bur.1589)
│ │ │m.1588 Alice KNOWLING
│ │ ├7.Phillip CORNISH Buckland, & post 1631 of Kesse (c.1578-bur.17 May
│ │ │1666)
│ │ │m.12 Jun 1598 English ROGERS (-bur.20 Mar 1638)
│ │ ├8.Joan CORNISH (c.1580)
│ │ │m.1577 John SQUIER
│ │ └9.Mary CORNISH (c.1580-1596 unm.)
│ ├4.Andrew CORNISH (the elder) (-bur.02 May 1622)
│ │ ├1.Robert CORNISH (1599)
│ │ └2.Philip CORNISH (1600)
│ ├5.Joan CORNISH
│ │m.1560 John HENGISTON
│ └6.Elnora CORNISH
│ m.1572 Thomas RIDER
m.Joan (-18 Apr 1591)


1.1 The Whitley Cornishes

William, son of William, was born c.1536. By his wife Mablyt (n�e Stephens) - m. 4th June 1559 - he had three sons, Andrew, Thomas, John, and two daughters, Elizabeth (m.1590 Thomas Harwood), and Margery (m.1602 William Norris ''de Brant''). Nothing else is heard of William's son, John.

The second son Thomas (b.1565) established a prosperous family. He married Margaret (n�e Webber), with whom he had three sons and four daughters. He acquired property in South Milton, including Whitlocksworthy (a house with 13 acres), also lands in West Alvington, again including Davyeparkes (a house with 30 acres). Thomas left the latter to his youngest son, Martin, the rest he left to his eldest, Thomas; al.200 to his second son, Andrew; al.150 to each of his four daughters. The will was proved 18 July 1616.

Thomas, son of Thomas, (b.1603, d.1674) married Isabell - although no children are mentioned in either his will (1674), or that of his wife (1685). He left his wife the unexpired lease of a dwelling house and land in West Alvington, and al.200 charged upon the lands of Sutton.

Andrew probably d.c.1675, with no issue.

Martin, the youngest (b.1610), married Anna Crispin. He was buried at South Milton in 1687, aged 78, without issue. At the time of his death he was also holding a lease of Whitley, which was passed onto his wife, and after her death to her nephews Joseph & Benjamin Crispin. Mr Thomas Cornish (Bp.1648 - of the Thurlestone & Kerse line) reportedly took the inventory of his goods.

Andrew (b.1560), eldest son of William, inherited Whitley in 1606. Being the last survivor (along with Andrew Philips) of the Church House Feoffes, he executed a deed naming eight new trustees including Thomas Cornish jnr, and Richard Cornish (his son and heir) among them. Andrew had, by his wife Joan, one daughter and four sons; Richard (b.1598), Philip (b.1601), Robert (b.1604), and Andrew (b.1606) who married Mary Hossard of Aveton Giffard in 1637. Robert was buried 25 Oct. 1655, apparently unmarried.

Andrew is mentioned in 1637 as "deceased". He was not buried at Thurlestone, and no Will, of his or any other owner of Whitley except that of William Cornish in 1606, has been found at Exeter.

Richard, eldest son of Andrew, (b.1598), m. Honor (b.30 Oct. 1642). They had two sons, Robert (b.1630), and Andrew (b.1634, buried 18 April 1660); and three daughters, Mary, Margery, and Honor. Richard's family and probably his bachelor brother Robert, formed the household at Whitley on 9 Dec. 1643, when Prince Maurice ordered Sir Edmund Fortescue to restore the Old Bulwarks at Salcombe, and hold it against the King's enemies. It was restored, and finally taken by the Roundheads in 1646. The name of Cornish does not appear in the list of defenders, although Thomas Phillips (husband of Joan - daughter of Phillip Cornish (of the Thurlestone & Kerse line)) is recorded as shot through the left arm and side on 12 March 1645/6.

Richard was Senior Churchwarden in 1631, Philip in 1632, Robert in 1635. Richard lived to the age of 80, and was buried at Thurlestone 15 May 1677.

Robert, only surviving son of Richard (b.1630), had by his wife Frances four sons and four daughters, baptised at Thurlestone; Richard (C.1657), John (C.1659), Thomas (C.1672), Andrew (C.1675), Wilmote, Honor, Frances, and Susanne. After his father's death Robert left Whitley, and gave the lease to his cousin Martyn Cornish.

There are few remaining references to the Whitley line from this point, with the majority coming from the parish records of South Milton;
1688 May 21 Frances Cornish buried.
Oct. 15 Robert Cornish buried.
1694 Jun. 19 Thomas Cornish m. Elinor Denish.
1695/6 Feb. 12 Andrew Cornish buried.
1711 May 26 Elianor Cornish buried.
1758 Feb. 24 Elizabeth Cornish buried. (This is the last entry)

The family probably died out here at South Milton. Although speculation, it is my belief that Elizabeth may be the child of Thomas & Elinor. This is the end of the 'Whitley' line.


1.2 The Thurlestone & Kerse Cornishes

Thomas Cornish (born no later than 1538) was probably the son of William Cornish of Whitley (d. 7 Feb. 1571), and the grandson of Robert Cornish (b. c.1495 - d.30 Dec. 1562). He inherited 15 acres of freehold land with a house at Buckland in Thurlestone. Thomas Roupe, gentleman, also left him the property of Kerse in South Milton for a period of 99 years. Thomas married Margery (bur.29 Jul. 1595) and had 3 sons & 6 daughters. On his death he left a bequest to all of his family, including grandchildren and godchildren, and money to the poor of Thurlestone. To his eldest son, Robert, he gave a life interest in Kerse, which after Robert's death passed to Phillip, his youngest son, to whom he had given the Buckland freehold and all other lands in Buckland or Thurlestone. Phillip was also named Executor and Overseer of the Will (dated 1 Dec. 1597). It leaves little to guess which son was the favourite (and ultimately the more successful).

Buckland in Thurlestone & Carse (Kerse) S. Milton (the elder) (c.1538-bur.13 Jan 1600) m.c.1560 Margery (c.1540-bur.29 Jul 1595)

├1.Robert CORNISH Kerse (c.1565-08 Aug 1631), 1st m.(1) 1582 Elinor LIGHT (c.1565)
│ ├1.Thomas CORNISH (c.1583 living in 1596-bef.1631)
│ └2.John CORNISH (c.1584 living in 1596-bef.1631) m.(2) c.1585 Elizabeth (c.1565)
├2.Emily CORNISH (c.1566) m.1591 Oliver WELSHE
├3.Elizabeth CORNISH (c.1567-1567)
├4.Phillipa CORNISH (c.1567-1569)
├5. CORNISH-1257 (c.1570) m.Elias FARRE
├6.John CORNISH (c.1570-bur.1589) m.1588 Alice KNOWLING
│ └1.Margery CORNISH (1589-1595)
├7.Phillip CORNISH Buckland & (post 1631) of Kesse (c.1578-bur.17 May 1666 aged 88) │m.12 Jun 1598 English ROGERS (-bur.20 Mar 1638)
│ ├1.Honor CORNISH (1598-bur.23 Dec 1658) m.1624 Anthony PHILLIPPS (-bur.22 Nov 1658)
│ ├2.Margaret CORNISH (1600) m.1634 Roger HINGSTON s. Milton
│ ├3.Joan CORNISH (1602) m.1625 Thomas PHILLIPS
│ ├4.Thomas CORNISH (1604-bur.14 Dec 1658 u.p.), 1st m.(1) 15 Jan 1633 Margaret MILLARD │ │m.(2) 1689 Deborah STEPHENS
│ ├5.Phillip CORNISH of Kesse (now freehold)(C.10 Jan 1607-bur.17 Sep
│ │1667), 1st m.(1) 12 Nov 1633 Anne AVENT (c.1615-bur.08 Jun 1643) m.(2) c.1645 Avis (c.1625-bur.1693)
│ └6.John CORNISH (1608-1609)
├8.Joan CORNISH (c.1580) m.1577 John SQUIER
│ ├1.Thomas SQUIER
│ ├2.John SQUIER
│ └3.Florence SQUIER
└9.Mary CORNISH (c.1580-1596 unm.)

Robert Cornish , in 1583, is described as of the parish of South Milton. By this time he had already settled, and had married Elinor Light the year before. His two sons, Thomas (b.1583) and John, were mentioned in his father's will in 1597, but no further record of them can be found. If they were alive in 1631, there would be some mention of them as this was the year their father died (8 Aug. 1631), and administration passed to his second wife, Elizabeth. It appears he died with few worldly goods, as the "Inventory of goods was taken...and was very trifling in amount".

John , the middle son, m.1588 to Alice Knowling, and was buried in 1589. He left one daughter, Margery (b.1589 - d.1595). On an interesting note, Joan married a John Squier in 1577, both d.1596 and left 3 children; Thomas, John, and Florence.

Phillip Cornish (b.1578 - bur.17 May 1666) married English Rogers on 12 June 1598, a member of one of the leading families of the parish of Thurlestone. As already mentioned Phillip inherited both Buckland and Kerse estates, and of the latter he bought the freehold. He died in 1666, aged 88. At the age of ten, Phillip saw the first encounter of the English fleet with the Armada on 21 July 1588. In 1634 the Civil War touched Thurlestone. His property adjoined Whitley, where Prince Maurice made his headquarters; and in 1646 his son-in-law, Thomas Phillips, was fatally wounded (if not killed) defending the Old Fort at Salcombe. Phillip outlived his son Thomas, and made his grandson, also Thomas, Executor. After bequests to the poor, to his surviving daughters, to Phillip and his 3 sons, and to (deceased) Thomas' 3 daughters, he gave; to his daughter, Joan (widow of Thomas Phillips) the use for her life of a house & garden in Buckland, to Margaret (widow of his son Thomas), the farthest house on the right of the entry to his own house, the residue he gave to his grandson, Thomas, although his surviving son Phillip had already taken possession of Kerse.

Buckland & (post 1631) of Kesse (c.1578-bur.17 May 1666 aged 88) m.12 Jun 1598 English ROGERS (-bur.20 Mar 1638)

├1.Honor CORNISH (1598-bur.23 Dec 1658) m.1624 Anthony PHILLIPPS (-bur.22 Nov 1658)
├2.Margaret CORNISH (1600) m.1634 Roger HINGSTON s. Milton
├3.Joan CORNISH (1602) m.1625 Thomas PHILLIPS
├4.Thomas CORNISH (1604-bur.14 Dec 1658 u.p.), 1st m.(1) 15 Jan 1633 Margaret MILLARD
│ ├1.Philip CORNISH (c.1645)
│ ├2.Mr Thomas CORNISH of Thurlston-town (c.1648), 1st m.(1) 11 Sep 1677 Sarah HARRIS (-1686)
│ │ ├1.Thomas CORNISH Thurlestone (1678-bur.28 Jun 1738) m.Amy (-bur.17 Feb 1701 in S.Milton)
│ │ ├2.Elizabeth CORNISH (1680-1690)
│ │ ├3.Philip CORNISH (1683-bur.1724 in Totnes)
│ │ └4.Mary CORNISH (1685)
│ │m.(2) 1689 Deborah LAPTHORNE (nee Stephens)
│ ├3.Mary CORNISH (c.1650 unm. 1664)
│ ├4.Elizabeth CORNISH (c.1650-bur.04 Sep 1713) m.03 Jun 1672 Andrew SQUIER N.Upton, Thurlestone
│ │ ├1.Elizabeth SQUIRE RHODES (1683), 1st m.(1) 30 Aug 1705 James RHODES
│ │ │m.(2) 11 Jan 1720 in Exeter, St Martin William CORNISH (aft.1680-Nov 1734) Attorney at law, Totnes;
│ │ │ Member of the corporation, 1712. , Son of Philip CORNISH of Kesse & Mary
│ │ │m.(3) Mr SCORE-4376
│ │ ├2.Margaret SQUIER (-bur.19 Dec 1701) m.1697 Robert STEPHENS
│ │ └3.Mary SQUIER (-bur.19 Dec 1701)
│ ├5.Judith CORNISH (c.1650)
│ └6.English CORNISH (c.1650) m.1678 Rev Richard COURTIS Vicar of Aylesbeare
│m.(2) 1689 Deborah STEPHENS
├5.Phillip CORNISH of Kesse (now freehold)(C.10 Jan 1607-bur.17 Sep 1667),
│1st m.(1) 12 Nov 1633 Anne AVENT (c.1615-bur.08 Jun 1643)
│ ├1.Philip CORNISH of Kesse (c.1635 between 1635-40-06 Mar 1702 in South Milton)
│ │m.c.1675 Mary (c.1640-bur.23 Sep 1710)
│ │ ├1.Philip CORNISH Kesse, feoffee of parish lands S. Milton 1700-18 (c.1680-Mar 1732)
│ │ └2.William CORNISH (aft.1680-Nov 1734) Attorney at law, Totnes;
│ │ Member of the corporation, 1712., 1st m.(1) 24 May 1709 in Totnes Mary HARWOOD (c.1680-1718/9)
│ │ dau.of Andrew HARWOOD
│ │ m.(2) 11 Jan 1720 in Exeter, St Martin Elizabeth SQUIRE RHODES (1683)
│ │ dau.of Andrew SQUIER N.Upton, Thurlestone & Elizabeth CORNISH
│ └2.English CORNISH (c.1640-bur.1643)
│m.(2) c.1645 Avis (c.1625-bur.1693)
│ ├1.Rev William CORNISH Rector of E. Portlemouth 1688-92, of Bigbury 1692 (c.1651-bur.24 Mar 1725 unm.)
│ └2.Thomas CORNISH of Ornamouth, Thurlestone (c.1653-bur.03 Oct 1724) m.Ann (c.1653-bur.05 May 1723)
│ ├1.William CORNISH (c.1682) m.1706 Frances FORD Chivelston (c.1695)
│ ├2.Anthony CORNISH Hexdown, Bigbury (c.1685-bur.17 Mar 1742) m.c.1720 Elizabeth (c.1685-bur.1770)
│ ├3.Thomas CORNISH Bigbury (c.1690) m.1717 Margaret GILBERT S. Milton (Widow)(c.1690)
│ ├4.Anne CORNISH (c.1690-1703)
│ ├5.Margaret CORNISH (c.1690) m.1713 Thomas PHILLIPS (c.1690)
│ └6.Avis CORNISH (c.1690-1714)
└6.John CORNISH (1608-1609)

Records of the Cornish family have been preserved rather well. During the troubled years from 1642-1653 there were scarcely any entries in the Thurlestone parish records. Of the 3 entries made in 1643, all were of Cornish burials.

Thomas , the eldest son of Phillip, m.15 Jan. 1633 Margaret Millard, and had by her two sons, Thomas & Philip, and four daughters; Mary, Judith, English (who married in 1678 Revd. Richard Courtis, vicar of Aylesbeare), & Elizabeth (who married 3 June 1672 Andrew Squier of North Upton, nr. Ornamouth in Thurlestone), giving birth to 3 daughters - Margaret married Robert Stephens, eldest son of Thomas Stephens , gent. of Clanacombe nr. Thurlestone, in 1697, and died 19 Dec. 1701. Mary Squier, her sister, was buried on the same day. Elizabeth (bap.5 Oct.1684), the third daughter, married three times; (i) James Rhodes of Exeter (m.30 Aug. 1705), (ii) her second cousin, William Cornish of Totnes (m. c.1720), (iii) a Mr Score. Thomas was bur.14 dec. 1658.

There is now another split in the line, into the Thurlestone Cornishes and the Kerse Cornishes.


1.21 The Thurlestone Cornishes

Thomas Cornish , only surviving son of Thomas, principal heir of his grandfather, was born c.1648. He was an important figure in both the family and the parish. His name, "Mr Thomas Cornish of Thurlestone-town" appears so often in every transaction that he may have been an agent to the manor, or a respected man of business. After inheriting the eldest son's portion, he prospered, and on the departure of the Whitley Cornishes became the head of the Thurlestone family. He bought the estate of Ornamouth, between Buckland and the River Avon from Mr Petersfield on 16 May 1682, and 21 acres of this property were given, by him, to his brother-in-law, Andrew Squier. This land ultimately passed into the possession of James Cornish of Teignmouth, and were sold by his descendant, Col. Charles Orchard Cornish, four generations later, to facilitate the division of the property. Mr Thomas Cornish was not buried at Thurlestone, and no will has yet been found. He left two sons, Thomas (b.1678) and Philip (b.1683).

Thomas appears to have held the property at Thurlestone. He married Amy (bur. South Milton 17 Feb 1701), and he was buried 28 June 1738, aged 60. The will gave the property to his deceased brother Philip's son and daughters, and to his spinster sister Mary Cornish of Morleigh. No land is mentioned. Du Boulay conjectures that brother Philip was buried at Totnes, 1 May 1724, aged 41.

The Thurlestone line appears to end here, although I am unable to account for Philip's only son. The Cornish family now continue through the Kerse Cornish line.


1.22 The Kerse Cornishes

Phillip (bp.10 Jan 1607), the younger son of Phillip Cornish of Buckland & Kerse (1578-1666), belongs entirely to South Milton. His first wife, Anne Avent , the grandmother of William Cornish of Totnes, was from S. Milton, though she married (12 Nov. 1633) and was buried 8 June 1643 in Thurlestone. Phillip was buried at Thurlestone 17 Sep. 1667, aged 60. Probate was granted to Avis Cornish, his second wife (bur.1693). There were nominal bequests to Philip, William, and Thomas, his sons; and gave his wife the freeholds of Kerse, Longmeadows, Carspeke , and residue.

It may be presumed that Mrs. Avis Cornish made over the property to her stepson Philip, for although he is only described as "of South Milton", his elder son is, in a will of 1724, specifically described as "of Kesse".

William Cornish , the second son of Philip Cornish of Kerse (1607-1667), also of Exeter College, Oxford, was probably ordained Deacon in 1674. His first preferment to the Rectory of East Portlemouth in 1688, placed him in the midst of other Cornishes (these Cornishes are purported to be descendants of a William Cornish, brother of Robert who founded this branch). In May 1692, he was inducted to the Rectory of Bigbury. Bigbury became the proper place for family marriages; and one of his nephews, Anthony Cornish, settled at Hexdown in Bigbury. The Revd. William Cornish died unmarried aged 73, and administration granted 15 June 1725, to his nephew Anthony. The poor of Bigbury received �5; his nephews, Philip Cornish of Kerse, William Cornish of Totnes , and William Cornish of Ornamouth, & his cousin Thomas Phillips of South Milton, �1. 1s. each; Anthony received all household goods & all residue, which came to a total of �25. 7s.

Thomas Cornish of Ornamouth , in the parish of Thurlestone, the third son of Phillip Cornish of Kerse (1607-1667) was b. c.1653. He married Ann (bur.5 May 1723), and had 6 children; William Cornish of Ornamouth (bp. 30 Jan 1682 - bur.1767) married in Bigbury, 1706, to Frances Ford of Chivelston. They had 7 children, of whom only the eldest, William, left issue.; Anthony Cornish of Hexdown (b.1685 - bur.17 Mar. 1742) married Elizabeth (bur.1770), they had 2 sons & 1 daughter. Hexdown was an old manor house in Bigbury with a large garden extending down to the Avon, a description from 1896 reveals that it had 9 bedrooms (though part of the house had already been pulled down); Thomas Cornish of Bigbury (b. 1690 - d. bef. 1724) married at Bigbury in 1717, to Margaret Gilbert of South Milton. Little else is known; the three daughters were Anne, Margaret (m. 1713 to Thomas Phillips ), & Avis (d.1714 at Bigbury).

Philip Cornish of Kerse (b. bet.1635-40), the eldest son of Phillip Cornish of Kerse (1607-1667), was also educated at Exeter College, Oxford. He appears for the first time in a list of feoffees of parish land of South Milton with six others in 1675, and thenceforth until his death on 6 Mar. 1702. In 1681, Philip Cornish, Isabel Cornish, & Robert Cornish were tenants of parish lands. In 1686, Philip along with Matthew Roupe , witnessed the will of the said Robert Cornish, who was buried at South Milton on 16 July of that year. This will was sealed with an unusual variety of family crest;

'a Cornish chough with wings folded, holding in its beak a sprig of cornel, reflected over its back'.

This is the only instance of armorial bearings that has been found in the family at Thurlestone. Robert left a wife and two daughters, all buried soon after at South Milton. He does not belong to this younger line, and in the absence of a parish record it has been impossible to trace him. Philip's Will was proved 12 May 1702 by his son Philip, who died apparently unmarried, March 1732. He gave �100 to the younger son, William, lands in South Milton and Thurlestone and all residue to Philip.

William Cornish of Totnes was b. c. 1680 at Kerse, and m. in 1709 to Mary Harwood. They had 6 children: two Marys, who died in infancy, Elizabeth (b.1712), and 3 sons. Mrs. Mary Cornish d. between 1718/9, but was not buried in Totnes. He then married in 1720 Elizabeth Rhodes, widow, with 1 surviving daughter, Elizabeth (b.1713); by her he had James, and 2 sons who died in infancy named John. His stepdaughter m. Mr. John Holditch of Totnes , and by her will left half-brother James the land at Ornamouth . The eldest son, Philip (b.1713), is mentioned in a letter by a Mrs. Shore to her brother Hubert, as "the poor old gentleman at Teignmouth", aged 77 and evidently dependant on the family. He was buried at West Teignmouth 28 Nov. 1792.

James Cornish of Teignmouth , was 12 when his father died. Bp.2 Jan. 1722 in Totnes, he married at Exeter on 12 Feb. 1743, Margaret Floyer , daughter of Revd. William Floyer, Rector of Trusham . James was appointed an officer of the Customs of the Port of Exeter at Teignmouth on 15 Mar. 1744. On 3 Dec. 1747, he was appointed to be one of His Majesty's Surveyors for the Duties on Salt imported. He returned to Teignmouth as Collector of Customs in 1751, and lived there for 34 years.

James had 9 sons and 1 daughter; James Cornish, the eldest (b.1743) is the ancestor of the Cornish-Bowdens; William Floyer Cornish (b.1745) joined the East India Company as a marine, and died supposedly at Madras, India; John Floyer Cornish (b.1747) drowned at sea, 1773; Charles Cornish (b.1749) was a Lieutenant in 1778 in the East India Company. He served in the Mahratta War, and died in India, Jan 1784; Anthony Cornish (b.1751 - d.1752);

(aft.1680-Nov 1734) Attorney at law, Totnes; Member of the corporation, 1712.,
1st m.(1) 24 May 1709 in Totnes Mary HARWOOD (c.1680-1718/9) dau.of Andrew HARWOOD

├1.Elizabeth CORNISH
├2.Philip CORNISH (1713-bur.25 Nov 1792 in W. Teignmouth or 28 Nov 1792)
├3.William CORNISH (1714 living in 1761)
├4.Andrew CORNISH (1716 living in 1761)
m.(2) 11 Jan 1720 in Exeter, St Martin Elizabeth SQUIRE RHODES (1683)
dau.of Andrew SQUIER N.Upton, Thurlestone & Elizabeth CORNISH
├1.James CORNISH (c.1722-18 Oct 1785) Collector of Customs for the Port of Exeter at Teignmouth (15 Mar 1744-1747)
│His Majesty's Surveyer for Duties on Salt imported at London (03 Dec 1747- 1751)
│Collector of Customs for the Port of Exeter at Teignmouth (1751-)
│m.12 Feb 1743 in Trinity Church, Exeter Margaret FLOYER (1722-bur.1806 in Ottery St Mary, Devon)
│dau.of Rev William FLOYER of Trusham
│ ├1.Dr.James CORNISH M.D.(1743-10 Sep 1828) M.D. Totnes, Author: local nature studies; agricultural practice, Totnes
│ │Hon. Sec. to Devonshire Agricultural Society, South Devon Division (1791-)
│ │m.14 Dec 1766 in Totnes Sarah SEARLE (-30 Jun 1827 aged 87)
│ ├2.William Floyer CORNISH (c.1745) H.E.I.C. Marine service
│ ├3.John Floyer CORNISH (1747-1773 Drowned at sea s.p.)
│ ├4.Charles CORNISH (1749-Jan 1784 in India s.p.) Leutenant in 1778 in H.E.I.C. Mil serv. Served in Mahratta War.
│ ├5.Anthony CORNISH (c.1751-1751/2)
│ ├6.Philip CORNISH (c.1753) Surgeon at East Teignmouth Surgeon at Exeter
│ │m.Mary MACKENZIE dau.of George MACKENZIE Esq, Clarendon, Jamaica
│ ├7.Gould Floyer CORNISH (09 Mar 1755-bur.21 Mar 1764 in W. Teignmouth)
│ ├8.Hubert CORNISH (19 Sep 1757-16 Apr 1823) Secretary to Sir John Shore (1792-1797)
│ │Attorney at Exeter.(1797-) "Artist & Musician".
│ ├9.Charlotte CORNISH (11 Sep 1759 in W. Teignmouth-13 Jul 1834)
│ │m.14 Feb 1786 Sir John SHORE Baron of Teignmouth 1798 (-14 Feb 1834)
│ │East India Company (-c.1786) Supreme Council at Calcutta (1786-1790)
│ │Governer General of India 1793-8.H.E.I.C.S.
│ └10.George CORNISH (09 Dec 1762-01 Oct 1829) Ensign in Sussex Militia. Obtained Commission in Royal Marines.
│ Was for 4 years (1794) A.D.C. to Sir John Shore, Governer General of India.
│ Commissioned in the 76th Foot Lord of the Manor at Salcombe Regis (1801-) J.P. D.L.
│ Major of the Rolle Troop of Yeomanry
│ m.31 Mar 1792 in St George the Martyr, Queen's Square, London.
│ Sarah KESTELL Manor House, Ottery (15 Dec 1770-04 Apr 1843)
│ dau.of John KESTELL Manor House, Ottery & Sarah CLAPP Salcombe Regis
├2.John CORNISH (c.1724-c.1724)
└3.John CORNISH (c.1725-c.1725)

Philip Cornish (bp.1 Mar. 1753 at East Teignmouth) commenced practice as a surgeon at East Teignmouth. He married Mary MacKenzie, the daughter of a West Indian planter, aged 22. He had by her 2 daughters - Elizabeth Rhodes Cornish (b.1776), who married Major John Hill, eldest son of Sir John Hill, Baronet of Hawkstone, Salop. She died 16 Dec. 1840, leaving 2 daughters and 5 sons, of whom the eldest, Rowland, succeeded his uncle as 2nd Viscount Hill; and Mary Stevens Cornish (b.1778), who married her cousin, William Hewitt of Jamaica. She left 2 sons & 2 daughters; Gould Floyer Cornish (b.9 Mar. 1755) was buried 21 Mar. 1764 at West Teignmouth; Hubert Cornish (b.14 Sep. 1757 at West Teignmouth) became Private Secretary to his brother-in-law Sir John Shore between 1792-7. He then became an Attorney at Exeter, also being described as an "Artist & Musician". He was buried at Salcombe Regis in 1823, unmarried; George Cornish, the youngest (b.9 Dec 1762), is the ancestor of both the Kestell-Cornishes and the Warre-Cornishes;

Charlotte Cornish was b.11 Sep. 1759 at West Teignmouth. In November 1785, she was detained by a snow storm at a friend's house who had recently married a Mr. Thomas Shore. There she met Mr. John Shore, an eminent member of the East India Company's Service. They fell in love at that first meeting, and were married on 14 Feb. 1786. Only a fortnight after the honeymoon was over, he was offered a place on the Supreme Council, which necessitated his return to Calcutta. Charlotte remained in England until his return in 1790, when he was summoned to give evidence at the trial of Warren Hastings. In 1792, he was appointed to succeed Lord Cornwallis as Governor-General, thereby becoming a Baronet. He left for India in Oct. 1792, taking Hubert Cornish as his Private Secretary. Lady Shore joined him in 1794, escorted on the long voyage by her brother George Cornish, appointed A.D.C. to the Governor-General. The marriage of Charlotte to Sir John Shore affected the Cornish family quite profoundly, with younger members of the family from this time forwards turning their thoughts to India. Her eldest son, Charles John Shore, became 2nd Baron Teignmouth on the death of his father, whilst Frederick John Shore m.1830, Charlotte Cornish, 2nd daughter of George Cornish of Salcombe Hill .

James Cornish of Teignmouth died 18 October 1785, he was buried at East Teignmouth.

The Cornish family now splits into two distinct branches; that of James Cornish of Totnes , and George Cornish of Salcombe Hill. It is also at this point that Houssemayne Du Boulay's history concludes.


2. The Cornish-Bowden family tree

Dr. James Cornish M.D. of Totnes was baptised 2nd Feb. 1743 in West Teignmouth, Devon. The son of James Cornish of Teignmouth (1722-1785) and Margaret Floyer (1722-1806) , he has become noted as the ancestor of the Cornish-Bowdens. James was married on 14th Dec. 1766 in Totnes, Devon to Sarah Searle (c.1745-30 Jun. 1827), daughter of Thomas Searle, gentleman. They had 7 children; James (bap.1768), William Floyer (bap.1769), John Floyer (bap.1774), Charlotte (bap.1774), Charles (bap.1774), Philip Gould (bap.1779), & Hubert (bap.1779).


A practising doctor at Totnes, James & Sarah lived at Eden Cottage until their deaths. In addition to being a town doctor, James was also the Honorary Secretary to the Devonshire Agricultural Society (South Devon Division) from 1791, and an author writing on matters of local natural history, & agricultural practice at Totnes. Other publications include a 1767 pamphlet containing "An Answer to Br. Baker's Essay concerning the cause of the endemic colic of Devonshire wherein the Cyder of that County is exculpated from the accusation brought against it by that Gentleman", and in 1775 letters "On the Torpidity of Swallows & Martins" published in the Philiosophical Transactions of the Royal Society .

James Cornish of Totnes died on 10th Sep.1828, and was buried soon after at Totnes, his wife having died the previous year.

William Floyer Cornish was bap. 6 Dec 1769 in Totnes, Devon. He entered Wadham College, Oxford on the 17 June 1788 aged 18, graduating with a B.A. from Exeter College, Oxford in 1799. William entered the church and married Elizabeth Marshall (b.1770-1862) on 1 May 1804 in Totnes, Devon. William Floyer was Rector of Hook, Dorset from 1827 until his death on 30 Aug. 1858. They had no children.

John Floyer Cornish (bap. 18 Oct. 1774 in Totnes, Devon) died aged 19 years old in Penang, India.

Charlotte Cornish (bap. 18 Oct 1774 at Totnes, Devon) was married on 25 Aug. 1797 to George Whitlock RN . Their eldest son went on to become Lieutenant-General Sir George Cornish Whitlock K.C.B. , and another son, Hubert Whitlock, went on to marry Emily Cornish (no more information on this Cornish) on 7 May 1833 at Exeter St Sidwell's, Devon.

Captain Philip Gould Cornish was baptised 14 March 1779 in Totnes, Devon. He became an officer serving in the cavalry of the H. East India Company Services. No more is known at present.

Hubert , the youngest son of James Cornish (1743-1828), was bap.14 March 1779 in Totnes, Devon. He was a magistrate in India, and later a Judge in Bengal, India for the H.E.I.S.C. On his death in 1832 he left his estate to his eldest brother James - including the estate of Black Hall, at Avonwick, Devon.


2.1 The Gatcombe Cornishes

Charles Cornish , son of James Cornish (1743-1828), was bap.18 Oct 1774 in Totnes, Devon. An Army surgeon at Pondicherry, India, in the East India Company Services, he married Emily Reybaud in Calcutta, India on 6 March 1807. They had 6 children; Charles James (bap.7 Sep 1809 at Staverton, Devon) who died at sea off the Cape of Good Hope, Sarah Barbara (b.c.1809), Frederic William (b.c.1810), Henry Hubert (b.c.1812), Philip George (b.c.1813), & Arthur Athelstan (b.c.1815).

Frederic William Cornish was bap. 29 October 1810 at Staverton, Devon. A Captain in the Bengal Artillery, he married Margaret Monsell in c.1835 and had a daughter - Margaret the following year, who died unmarried in 1892. Unfortunately, his wife died in 1836 (possibly in child-birth?). He remarried in c.1838, this time to Sarah Orchard, daughter of William Orchard M.D. of Ashridge, North Tawton. By this marriage Frederic had four more children; Charles Orchard (b.1839), Julia Sarah (b.1841), Frederick Reginald Floyer of Ashridge (b.1845 - d.1876 unmarried), & Rose Augusta (b.1849) who married William J Battishill in 1870. Frederic William died in 1851, followed the year after by his second wife, Sarah.

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Orchard Cornish (b.22 April 1839) was an officer in both the 18th & 73rd Regiments. He was married c.1875 to Ellin Davis Tupper, and had 2 daughters; May Clementine Cornish (b.15 June 1875), & Eleanor Rose (b.29 October 1876) who married G.E. Perry c.1911 - but with no issue. Before he died in 1905, Charles sold the 12 acre estate of Gatcombe - the estate bought by his grandfather, Charles Cornish (1774-1819).

Sarah Barbara Cornish (bap.7 Sep. 1809) married Revd. William Hunter c.1830. Emily Cornish was bap.2 Jul 1818 in Little Hempston, Devon. Nothing more is known.

Revd. Henry Hubert Cornish was bap. 10 Mar 1812 at Little Hempston, Devon. Henry first entered the H.E.I.C.S. Bengal Artillery as a Lieutenant, where he presumably met his future wife. He was married c.1832 in India to Mary Dick, daughter of Sir William Dick, and had 6 children; Kenneth Henry (b.c.1833 at Dumdum, India.) who died c.1912 unmarried, William Floyer (b.c.1836), Edith (b.c.1837), Emily (b.c.1838-d.1878 unmarried), Alice (bap.1 Jan 1846 in Oxford), & Agatha Mary (bap.30 Dec 1849 in Oxford) who died 8 Nov 1939 in Totnes, Devon.

Henry Hubert returned to England and entered Magdalene Hall, Oxford on 19 Feb. 1835, aged 23. Henry gained his B.A. in 1841 and his M.A. in 1842. From c.1849 he held the post of Chaplain at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He gained his B.D. & D.D. in 1867. From 1867-87 the Revd. Henry Hubert Cornish was Principal of New Inn Hall, when it was incorporated into Balliol College. As well as his official residence in Oxford, Henry was a householder in Totnes from 1858, his uncle Revd. William Floyer (1769-1858) having bequeathed the copyhold of his residence in Bridgtown nr. Totnes, overlooking the River Dart.

Revd. William Floyer Cornish (b.c.1836 in Dawlish, Devon), was the only notable son of Revd. Henry Hubert Cornish . He entered Lincoln College, Oxford on 30 Jan 1854, aged 18, gaining his B.A. in 1857 and M.A. in 1860. From 1860-2 he was the Curate at All-Souls, Oxford, and after that held a number of different posts; Marston, Oxon. (1862-9), St John's, Worcester (1869-71), Budock, Cornwall (1871-3), St Gluvias, Cornwall (1874-7), North Hinksey, Berks. (1877-89), and Winterbourne Abbas & Steepleton, Berks. (1889-aft.1910). He died unmarried in 1917.

Major Philip George Cornish , son of Charles Cornish (1774-1819) & Emily Reybaud, was b.c.1813, and baptised 19 Jul 1822 in Little Hempston, Devon. He entered the H.E.I.C.S. Bengal Army, rising to the rank of Major. Philip was married c.1835 in Darjeeling, India to Mary Anne Meiselbach, daughter of Col. J.F. Meiselbach B.H.A., and had 5 children; Philip Cowley (b.1836), Frederick Younger (b.1838-d.16 Oct. 1876 unmarried), William Henry (b.1840), Emily Georgina (b.c.1842), and Bessie Harriet (b.c.1844). Philip George Cornish died 23 Sep. 1880.

Philip Cowley Cornish (b.1836 in India) became an indigo planter (a plant which when processed produces a blue vegetable dye), marrying Sophy Meiselbach c.1866. They had one child; Sidney Cornish (b.c.1870 in India). Philip Cowley died Jul 1871.

Frederick Younger Cornish (b.1838 in India) entered Indian Government service. Emily Georgina Cornish married Capt. Frederick Mansel of the 20th Regiment in 1862. Bessie Harriet Cornish married Revd. James L. Barnett.

William Henry Cornish (b.c.1840 in India) entered the Bengal Military Police. He married Henrietta Wright on 7 April 1871 in India. They had 8 children; William Henry (b.c.1872) who also entered the Bengal Military Police, Beatrice (b.c.1876) who married Oswald Sargent Smith in 1895, Mary (b.1879) who married James Roy in 1902, Frederick George Charles Comber (b.c.1882), Henry Bedford (b.1884), Charles Philip (b.1886), Athelstane (b.1888) who married Mary Atkinson c.1910 and had one child - William Straton Cornish (b.c.1915) who lives in Totnes, & Eileen (b.1890). William Henry retired in 1896, and died c.1925.

Revd. Arthur Athelstan Cornish , youngest son of Charles Cornish (1774-1819), was bap. 27 Nov 1815 at Little Hempston, Devon. He entered Exeter College, Oxford on 23 Jan. 1834, aged 18. He gained his B.A. in 1838, and M.A. in 1840. He was married to Marianne Elizabeth Freshfield c.1849, and had 7 children; Charles Athelstan (b.1850), Alfred Floyer (b.1852), Arthur (b.1853), Hubert Walter (b.1855), Elizabeth Blanche (b.c.1856), Eleanor Maude (b.c.1857), & Emily St. John (b.c.1859). Arthur Athelstan & Marianne appear to have done a fair bit of travelling, their first child being born in New Zealand, and the following child in South Africa. Arthur was the vicar of Old Windsor, Berks. from 1856 until 1860, when he died.

Charles Athelstan Cornish was born c.1850 in New Zealand. He was married in 1874 to Alice Whittam , and had one daughter (un-named in our records-DR). He died in 1917.

Alfred Floyer Cornish (b.c.1852 in South Africa) married Alice Rachel Mitchell in 1879. They had 2 sons; Athelstan (b.1884), & Arthur Basil (b.1886).

Arthur Cornish (b.1853) became a clerk at Barclay & Co.'s Bank. He was married in 1892 to Marie Louise Letzen (who d.31 May 1903). They had 1 son; Hubert Arthur (b.1893)

Revd. Hubert Walter Cornish (b.c.1856 at Old Windsor, Berks.) entered New Inn Hall, Oxford University on 15 Jan 1877, aged 21. He graduated from Durham University with a B.A. in 1883, he also gained an M.A. in 1901, D.1883 Lich., & P.1884 Southw. In 1879 he married Ada Kate Adcock (b.1857 in London, Middx.) and had 2 children; Revd. Hubert Ralph Athelstan Cornish (b.c.1884) who became Curate at St Paul's, Northampton and married Kate Lawrence c.1924, and Arthur Vivyan Sandys Cornish (b.c.1888). In the 1881 Census, it states that Hubert Cornish of Windsor, Berks. & his wife Ada Kate, were living at Dovey Terrace, Towyn, Merioneth, Wales (occupation - teacher). After graduating, Hubert held a number of posts; Curate at St Alkmund, Derbys. (1883-6), Beddingham, Sussex (1886-8), & Yazor, Herefords. (1888-90), Rector at Blatherwyke, Northants. (1890-1906), & Odcombe, Glos. (1906-).

Elizabeth Blanche Cornish married Arthur George c.1893. Emily St. John Cornish married John Cundee Warlters c.1885, and after his death married Revd. H. Halford c.1892.

No more is known about this side of the family.


2.2 The Black Hall Cornishes

The eldest son of James & Sarah Cornish, James, was bap. 2 May 1768 at Totnes, and married Priscilla Prout (ne� Caunter) on 1 Dec. 1791 at Paignton, Devon. An Attorney-at-Law in Totnes, James & Priscilla had 6 children; James (b.1792), Esther (bap.15 Jan. 1795 in Totnes, Devon - d.c.1861 unmarried at Blackmoor Hall, Sidmouth), Sarah (bap.16 Oct. 1796 in Totnes, Devon - d.c.1850 unmarried at Blackmoor Hall, Sidmouth), Charlotte (bap.23 Jun. 1798 - d.1822 unmarried), William Floyer (bap.1801), & Elizabeth Rhodes (bap.1804). On the death of his younger brother Hubert in 1832, James Cornish inherited the estate of Black Hall, at Avonwick, Devon .

He was an author. In the library at Black Hall there is the much-prized manuscript of a book entitled "Information Historical and Otherwise apertaining to the Town and Ancient Borough of Totnes" (it was included in the writing of "A Graphic & Historical sketch of the antiquities of Totnes" in 1850), and a published piece by Longman's in 1824 "A View of the present state of the Salmon & Channel-Fisheries, and of the Statute Laws by which they are regulated, together with the form of a new act". It is said that James had a legal mind and an innate love of animals. He died 6 Oct. 1837, and was buried at North Huish, Devon. Priscilla died 13 Apr. 1833.

William Floyer Cornish (bap.3 Jul 1801 at Totnes, Devon) became a Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple, and author (1825-8) - although nothing more is known. He died on 26 Aug. 1830, aged 29.

Elizabeth Rhodes Cornish (bap.26 Mar 1804 in Totnes, Devon) married Charles John Cornish J.P. of Salcombe House (her cousin) on 26 Jun. 1832 in Totnes, Devon. She died 5 Nov. 1853 at Salcombe House, Sidmouth, Devon. This line will be continued at a later date.

James Cornish J.P. of Black Hall was born on 25 Aug 1792 in Totnes, Devon. In 1832, he was elected Liberal M.P. for Totnes. It is recorded that he strongly supported the Hand-Loom Weavers Petition, and in 1833 he spoke against the Factories Commission, but "his remarks were rendered inaudible by uproar" (p.9 "A Family of Devon" by Vaughan Cornish ). Having applied for the Chiltern Hundreds in 1833 he was succeeded by Lord Seymour in Feb. 1834. In 1837 he inherited the estate of Black Hall, which he managed personally. He took an active part in County affairs, and was High Sheriff of Devon in 1852-3.

James was a keen churchman, and it was his dream to build a church at Avonwick (see article "St. James' Church, Avonwick, Devon - DR). On 25 August 1840 he married Elizabeth Anne Hall (1816-1891), only daughter of Capt. Robert Hall R.M. of Dawlish , and had 3 children; James Hubert (b.13 Oct. 1847-d.30 Nov. 1849), Elizabeth Anne (b.7 June 1842), & Esther Priscilla (b.26 Apr. 1850). James Cornish died on 7 Sep. 1865 after a fall from his horse, his estates were divided between his surviving daughters.

Esther Priscilla Cornish of Black Hall & Crabadon Manor (b.26 Apr. 1850) was married to Frederick James Bowden (later changed to Cornish-Bowden by deed-poll 1 Jan. 1873) on 14 June 1870 in Wolborough St. Mary's, Devon. They had 6 children; Esther Mary (b.1871), Caroline Ellery (b.1872), Frediswide Floyer (b.1874), Elizabeth Ffoulkes (b.1876), James (b.1877), & Cicely Churchill (b.1883). Frederick, a Barrister-at-Law of the Middle temple, and a J.P. for Devon, was a conservative in politics. He and Esther completed the work on St James', Avonwick. Frederick died on 3 Oct. 1905 at Avonwick, Esther died on 22 Oct. 1922, also at Avonwick.

Esther Mary Cornish-Bowden (b.31 March 1871 in Blackheath, Kent) devoted her whole life to the church of St. James', and was godmother to many of the village children. She received training in her early years at St Mary's Wantage. She died unmarried on 20 June 1932 at Avonwick, Devon. Her will left her entire estate to the St James' Trust Fund.

Frediswide Floyer Cornish-Bowden (b.10 Feb. 1874 in Blackheath, Kent) taught in the Sunday School at St. James' for over 60 years. A competent horse-woman and one time member of the Dartmoor Hunt, she died unmarried on 11 Dec. 1961 at Avonwick, Devon.

Elizabeth Ffoulkes Cornish-Bowden (b. 24 Jan. 1876) also spent much of her life teaching in the Sunday School. She was the co-trustee with her brother of the Trust Fund, and after 1933 with her nephew, James Hubert Cornish-Bowden . Cicely Churchill Cornish-Bowden (b.26 Jul. 1883) married Clive Marriott c.1900.

Caroline Ellery Cornish-Bowden (b.19 Sep. 1872 in Blackheath, Kent) married Revd. Claud Williams, Chaplain to the Earl of Strathmore, on 21 June 1898. They had 2 children; Esther Nora Williams (b.1901), & Claude Ellery Williams (b.1903).

James Cornish-Bowden (b.8 Mar. 1877) was married c.1910 to Margaret Elizabeth Watts , daughter of W.J. Watts J.P. for Devon. They had 3 children; Elizabeth Diana (b.c.1910) who married Lt.-Col. F.W. Stevens c.1930 and died c.1993, James Hubert (c.1912), and Margaret Floyer (b.c.1919) who married E.J. Wooler M.B.E., J.P. c.1939. James saw action during World War One in Salonika (1916-), and was a J.P. for the Stanborough & Coleridge Division (1924-33).

James Hubert Cornish-Bowden of Black Hall (b.12 Jan. 1912) was educated at Clifton College, Bristol (1926-30) and Seale-Hayne Agricultural College. In 1938 he married Nancy Marigold Wright, and had three children; Priscilla Anne Cornish-Bowden J.P. for Yorkshire who married a Mr. Kealy, Catherine Marigold Cornish-Bowden J.P. for Devon who married Peter Motley and after his death G.A. Seager-Berry, & Ruth Margaret Cornish-Bowden who married Paul Langridge. James Hubert was High Sheriff of Devon in 1971-2, and lives at Black Hall, Avonwick.

Elizabeth Anne Cornish of Boreston Manor, Halwell , daughter of James Cornish J.P. (1795-1865), was born on 7 June 1842. She married Admiral William Bowden R.N. on 28 Apr.1861 (changed to Cornish-Bowden on 11 Jan. 1873 by Deed Poll). They had 12 children; Elizabeth Anne (b.1862) who married Revd. Frederick Robson M.A. on 25 Aug. 1886, Esther Maude (b.1863) who married A.G. Mullins c.1885, Ethel Helen (b.1866) who married I.J.K. Hext c.1890, Hilda (b.c.1865) who married Edward Norman Gardiner on 20 Apr. 1892 and had four children, William (b.1869), James Hubert (b.1870), Athelstan Hall (b.1871), Ambrose (b.1873), Miriam Sybil (b.1875) who married Revd. Arthur Augustus Woolcombe M.A. and had 2 children, Peter Churchill (b.1876), Beatrice Ffoulkes (b.1878) who married Gerald Fox B.A. c.1900 and had 6 children, & Robert Kenrick (b.1879).

Athelstan Hall Cornish-Bowden (b.4 Dec. 1871) became a Government Land Surveyor in South Africa, and eventually rose to Surveyor General of the Cape Colony. He married L.C. Muir c.1900 and had one child, Claude (b.c.1900). Ambrose Cornish-Bowden M.R.C.V.S. (b.6 Apr. 1873) married c.1900 and had a son, John (b.c.1900). Peter Churchill Cornish-Bowden (b.7 July 1876-d.Mar.1940) became a solicitor. He married c.1900 and had one child (b.c.1900). Robert Kenrick Cornish-Bowden O.B.E. (b.10 July 1879) became an engineer in South Africa, and was a temporary Lt.-Col. in the Royal Engineers. He married Marjorie Donaldson c.1924 and had two daughters.

William Cornish-Bowden (b.7 Mar. 1869) married Edith Kitson c.1895, and had four children; William (b.c.1900) who married and had 3 children (Athelstan (b.c.1920), Ann (b.c.1922), & Sally (b.c.1924)), Edward (b.c.1901-d.1941 in action), Joy (b.c.1903), & Elizabeth (b.c.1905).

Col. James Hubert Thomas Cornish-Bowden C.M.G., D.S.O. (b.2 Aug.1870 in Newton Abbot, Devon) served in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Joining the army in 1892, he served in the Tirah Expedition in India during 1897-8, receiving a medal with 2 clasps. He became a Captain in 1900, rising to Major by 1908. As Major J.H.T. Cornish-Bowden, he saw action in Europe from 1914-19, and was mentioned in despatches 5 times. For his bravery he received the C.M.G. & D.S.O., and was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in 1918. James was again promoted in 1926 to the rank of Colonel, a rank he held until his retirement in 1926. He was married in Calcutta, India on 12 June 1900 to Margaret Elizabeth Gaskoin , and had two children; Hubert (b.c.1903) who married and had one child - Jane (b.c.1925), & an unknown child (b.c.1905). James Hubert Thomas died on 11 June 1938, Margaret had died c.1932.

This is the present end of the Cornish-Bowden family tree. Part Four will look at their cousins, the Kestell-Cornishes & Warre-Cornishes.


Cornish, Vaughan,
(1942), "A Family of Devon", King Bros. & Potts Ltd, Sussex.