Postcard to America

Betty Marsden's (nee Styler) uncle emigrated to America in 1905, just before his 18th birthday. Betty's aunt Lill, who died in 1910, aged 19, wrote this postcard to her brother Ted Cornish between 1905 and 1910.

"My dear brother, I got your letter all right this morning. I was very pleased to hear from you. Well, I have come home until Thursday. It is Easter Saturday now.

What are you doing today? Mother has gona to Bottomboat this afternoon, so I am left all alone until half past six. Dad will be home at that time.

Well, how do you like this. Isn't it a nice row of houses. I will put a X over the house where Dad and Mother live. It is the house with the bedroom window open. Of course, it was taken before they went there. Doesn't it look nice on the postcard and it is as nice a day today, in fact it has been like this all week.

My class and Mrs. has gone to Blackpool until Thursday, so I am all right aren't I? I do feel lonely this afternoon, Fred and Nelly (Betty's mother, the youngest) are at Bottomboat and moother. I am all by myself.

Well, it is time to get Dad's tea ready so will close with love from your dear sister Lilly. I carent post this today as I have not got an envelop big enough to put this in. So I will leave it until I get one then I can write a letter. xxxxx"


  1. Written as seen on the postcard. A lot of words for a postcard, but I have the postcard and it is all on there, written across both sections. ("View of BRICK ROW, BRETTON, WAKEFIELD)
  2. BOTTOMBOAT is near Wakefield, Yorkshire _ my mother's birthplace, also my uncle Fred's.
  3. I am puzzled by Aunt Lill's words "I have come home until Thursday". She cannot be away working because she mentions her class and Mrs. being in Blackpool. She obviously did not live at the family home, because she says "the house where Mum and Dad live".
  4. Lilly died in hospital aged 19 of a diseased lung, so perhaps she came home from hospital at the time of writing the postcard. The loneliness comes through her writing. She obviously wrote to her brother for contact. Lilly was 4 years younger than Ted.


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├1.John CORNISH (1827 in Althorne, Essex)
└2.William CORNISH (1829 in Harleston) Militia man
m. Apr 1855 in Worlingworth Anna Maria BLOOMFIELD (1833 in Worlingworth)
dau.of Samuel BLOOMFIELD & Hannah EDWARDS
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├2.Lavina CORNISH (C.19 Sep 1858 in Worlingworth)
├3.Savina CORNISH (C.1859 in Worlingworth)
├4.Arthur CORNISH (C.16 Jun 1861 in Worlingworth) m.Nov 1881 in Stillington, Nr York Annie RHODES
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