There must have been many members of the CORNISH family saddened by two of their number being involved in cases of witchcraft tried at Taunton in 1664/5.

On 2nd March CHRISTIAN GREEN gave evidence in which she stated that she had met with others in Brewham Forest and they had stuck thorns into the head, side and stomach of an image of ELIZABETH, wife of ANDREW CORNISH. Subsequently Elizabeth had become very ill and had not yet recovered.

On 16th May CATHERINE GREEN alias CORNISH swore that MARGARET AGAR handed a picture in blackish wax to a man in black, "he stuck a thorn into the crown, and Margaret thrust one towards the heart, cursing and saying, 'A plague on you', such being done to hurt ELIZABETH CORNISH, who was ill ever afterwards".

MARY GREEN swore she saw CATHERINE with others stick thorns into a picture of TALBOT.

What terribly sad days they must have been!

This information comes from: WITCHCRAFT & DEMONIANISM A concise account derived from sworn depositions and confessions obtained in the courts of England & Wales. by C. L'Estrange Ewen 1933 (pp 347 & 353)